January 27, 2010

American Artist-March 2010

Here is the article in American Artist-March Issue. I am very pleased with the way the magazine portrayed the artwork. I also wanted to thank my friend Dean for writing the article.

January 15, 2010

A look back

I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane to give myself and anyone else who might be interested a look at where I was with my paintings and where I am trying to go. In the immortal words of Mr. Bob Dylan " I never want to think I have arrived, that would be death" or something like that. Anyway, it really means (to me) that I have known where I wanted to go and I might at times think I have gotten there, but just as that thought comes to mind I am already considering something else.
The paintings that begin this particular section are from 1995 just a year after I moved to New York City and the time which I decided I wanted to pursue fine art as opposed to Illustration. I am selecting the major landmark paintings that seemed to be specific to any shift in direction and the range of paintings will go into 2009.

The Decision-1995
This painting is probably the most significant painting in my early career. I had just moved to New York City and