November 6, 2010


This painting is of a young woman named Christina. It was her hat that caught my attention. What I like about this image is the subtle duality of both the pose and the facial expression. The first is a slightly defensive posture, with the arms folded and the stance is very strong, even defiant. The face on the other hand, has this innocence and vulnerability to it that is so beautiful and sweet.
There is still some work that I want to do to the painting to make it complete but I wanted to post this for my Niece who has been very interested in seeing it since I described it to her back in August. So, Nikki, here is the painting. Hope you enjoy it.


Hanging out with the Riley's said...

Ok Mikee so I totally just saw that your finally posted! Not just once but TWICE since I have been on here.
Can I just say thank you. Breath taking. I love to see your art work! It was especially neat to see your studio in the previous post.
I want to say I am a bit jealous wish I could be closer, it really would be fun to see what portrait you could get from me modeling. Love you! You have always been my very favorite Uncle. Mwah!

Shea said...

nice work