June 24, 2012

Most of the work in my studio, as of late, has been drawing. I am investigating this language, that for so many years, has been addressed solely as a means to a painting or a demonstration for students. I decided that for the next few months I am turning to line and value, wanting to explore all the variables and in the process wanting to explore my own pre-conceived ideas as to what drawing is and what it might be (for me). I have yet to find myself pushing outside of my own box but this is a process of exploration without knowing the final outcome. This is both exciting and uncomfortable, as it should be. Anyway, the next few images are some of the more recent drawings.
I want to include some of the process images in order for you, the viewer, to take the journey with me.

Much of the finished product became about the removal of the charcoal. I wanted to explore cross hatching by way of reduction.

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Daniel Felsted said...

I like your work. Still as good as ever. I did a t-shirt design for a woman who's husband is Mike Malm, a protege of Glen's from 1997 ish. We got talking and your name came up so I thought I'd like to say hi.

435 881 4770 Daniel C